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  • Jim Shupe

Pursuing Your Goals with Objectives and Key Results

Imagine that you go out of your home and start walking down your street. At the end of the block you must choose between turning left or right. Which way do you turn? If you don’t have a destination in mind, you’ll be limited to what you can see around you. And once you’ve chosen a path, you’ll continue to be limited by what is in view to determine other turns to make or places to stop.

On the other hand, suppose you run out of food for your pet. You love your pet, so you decide to go to the local pet store to get a new bag of feed. Now when you begin your walk, you have a specific place to go. Getting from where you are (home) to the destination (the pet store) guides all your choices. A turn left or right will either bring you closer to the store or not. The options may sometimes be equally good, and that’s ok. Having a destination lets you know you aren’t being less efficient in either case.

The same concept applies to your life or large project. If you don’t have a goal you want to achieve, your fate will be left up to chance. Excluding cases of extreme luck, which are outside the scope of this article, the best option is to set goals and plan how to achieve them to get the most of what you want.

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